Getting started with thumbtribes

Before you can use thumbtribes you need to create an account.

Connect to the IRC server and create a username.

/msg userserv register username password

Register the current nick you are using

/msg nickserv register

Load the thumbtribes plugin

/load /path/to/plugin/

Login to thumbtribes using either manually specified coordinates or coordinates supplied by gpsd

/thumbtribes --user=username --pass=password --lat=latitude --long=longitude
/thumbtribes --user=username --pass=password --gpsd=gpsd-server

The thumbtribes program should now start and continually ping in your location. The response you get back from the ping will depend on your preferences set on the website. Currently you can just restrict the response according to distance by logging into the website. You can also alter the time you wait in between pings. Changes made to preferences will occur in real time apart from the ping time. The client needs to restart to obtain the new ping time.

To terminate thumbtribes


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