gpsd on a Nokia 770

After doing a quick search I came across a maemo-gpsd package. The package failed to install on my Nokia so I just built gpsd from source within my scratchbox environment. All I require is the actual gpsd binary so I was able to copy this together with shared library to /usr/bin and /usr/lib respectively. I then created the symbolic links and to point to the shared library This is enough to get a working gpsd.

To simplify connecting to my TomTom BT GPS receiver I use the following maemo BT plugin. After connecting to the GPS receiver the device

/dev/rfcomm0 or /dev/rfcomm[x]

will be created depending on other BT devices already connected. For example, if I connect to my phone first /dev/rfcomm0 would be created. Then when I connect to my GPS /dev/rfcomm1 is created.

Assuming GPS is the only BT device you can start the daemon with:

gpsd /dev/rfcomm0

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