Bluetooth logging to Twitter with btlogger

I decided to hack my Bluetooth logger so that it could post any new devices it saw to my Twitter account. This should be interesting once I get it setup on my desk at work! After moving to Intrepid Ibex I realised the changes in BlueZ versions borked my software. It took me a while to figure out what needed to be fixed. Anyway, these changes and Twitter hack are available as a tarball here:

The tarball should install an sqlite db file in /var/lib/misc but you can move it else where if you don’t want to run as root. If you supply a username and password on the command line it will try and post the scan results to Twitter like:

To see the command line options run btlogger –help

5 comments on “Bluetooth logging to Twitter with btlogger
  1. hi, i am trying to use this hack that you have so graciously provided.. but i can’t open the db file and i’m not sure how to make it work.. sorry, i’m new to this… would you be able to break it down a bit more for me please?
    any help u can give me would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you!

  2. Thanks so much! I am asking because I am trying to develop a GPS + maybe bluetooth feed on local public transport — ultimately this would use GPS to show location relevant blogs from local businesses on a bus route… it may be too ambitious… i don’t know yet.
    Looking forward to your email.

  3. (I am using Vista at the moment since Sun Java Wireless Toolkit (another aspect of my project) doesn’t have a Mac OS X version yet. is that what you are referring to when you ask which system?)

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